Aged Care Worker And Residents With Silent Disco Headsets

Silent Reminiscence Memory

Silent discos aren’t only for our younger generations. Our silent disco system can be used in many ways, such as for reminiscence therapy. In particular for people living with dementia, sensory impairments or memory loss.

Silent Disco Concept

Music therapy has been used as a well-established treatment for people living with dementia. Listening to music can bring back memories and motivate residents to communicate on a different level with care workers and family members. This type of therapy also encourages movement and overall engagement.

The music is carefully selected by the care staff and family members to suit the residents’ age. Each headset has 3 channels offering a choice of music to suit everyone’s tastes and mood.

Why Headsets

Headsets minimise distractions, allowing residents to completely focus on the music and their own movements. When listening to music through our noise canceling headsets, we have noticed a tremendous increase in engagement and stimulation amongst residents.

One of the many benefits is the individual volume controller each person can use to regulate their own volume. This is in particular important to suit each individuals hearing abilities.

Recent Activities

Recently we have started to work with a number of aged care facilities around Perth and have received great feedback from their care workers. We offer delivery and set up services and are happy to run the sessions with the facility in order to instill confidence using our system.

If you’d like to know more about how to integrate our silent disco system at your or your family members home please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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