Sport & Physical Activity

Would you like to coach, teach or train your class anywhere, anytime and at any volume?

From your silent disco specialists, AudioVault Events, comes a new exciting sound system designed specifically for sports and fitness training.

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Our new AudioVault Active system minimise distractions, maximises comfort, and introduces headsets that stay in place from sprints to sun salutations.

The AudioVault Active system allows you to host your group fitness, yoga, pilates or personal training class anywhere you like!

Offer your sessions with up to three instructors, three levels of fitness or three options of music with three channels of communication.

The AudioVault Active system can be used for a variety of group training:

  • At any location
  • Perfect for the outdoors
  • Play music for the whole team, at any volume
  • Instruct multiple fitness sessions at the same time

All you need is our AudioVault Active unit, headsets and your favourite set lists and you’re ready to go.

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