Silent Cinema

Silent Cinema is an extraordinary way to enjoy a movie experience or engage your audience.

Silent Cinemas (or Silent Movies) are perfect for backyard movies in busy areas, bilingual movie nights, kids parties and as part of larger community or festival events.

A perfect way to enjoy a movie in built up environments, as part of larger events or if you’re showing more than one movie at once.

A silent cinema utilizes our wireless headsets and silent sound system to provide a movie experience where you are in control of the audio. This allows you to control the volume and reduces the interruptions from noisy patrons. It’s perfect for parties when you want to show a movie for the kids or community events with people that speak English as a second language or visitors from overseas. Our system allows up to three films to be shown in the same venue to cater for different tastes and to be listened to at a volume of the patron’s choosing.

No sounds of people whispering or the rustling popcorn and sweets to get in the way. This means that the crowd can laugh, sing, eat as loud as they wish without the worry of interrupting the experience for others in the crowd.

AudioVault Events will help you to plan your silent cinema experience, and can assist with projector and screens.

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