Silent discos are an absolute festival favourite providing variety, novelty and a chance to dance in your own space. Having up to three Djs at once allows for new Djs to test their skill and provides the choice in music for patrons to enjoy. It’s always a unique and interactive experience.

Our silent disco is the solution to noise levels, allowing the festival organisers to put on an incredible show right up to the limit of the time restrictions and then turn the big stages off and comply with the law. Silent Disco allows them to also keep the punters happy by shifting the acts to the Silent Disco areas and playing on through the night in relative silence, well within the noise limits.

If you’re a festival organiser, you’re welcome to hire our equipment and run your own silent disco, or we can provide all your silent disco needs from Dj equipment, lighting, staff and of course our silent sound system. This turnkey solution means you don’t need to worry about any technical issues whilst the event is underway and are in the best hands possible.
With over nine years experience in running silent discos at Perth festivals, as well as managing the largest silent discos in Australia, we have the expertise, equipment and team to ensure your silent disco activation is a complete success.

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