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Want to host your own silent disco?

Looking for a new way to show your product at an expo?

Want to connect to your audience?

AudioVault Events provides the hire of silent disco, silent gig, or silent event equipment and cater for any size event from small private parties, clubs and bars, to a festival size show.

Lighting is the key to creating the atmosphere you’re looking to achieve. Whether you’re organizing a small gathering, birthday, music festival or conference.

Ask us about about our additional lighting + smoke machine packages.

How does it all work?

The Technicalities:

Our silent sound system allows up to three audio sources to be played simultaneously across three different channels.

When you hire our system, you will be provided with our silent disco headphones which can be switched between the three channels, allowing guests to tune into one of up to 3 DJs or other sound source.

Users can switch between audio choices by pressing the button on the side of our headphones – each channel lighting up a different colour on the side of the headphones.

What you’ll receive:

Your AudioVault Silent Sound System will arrive with all the transmitters you need, and three 3.5mm jack cable which you’ll need if you’re connecting your own music sources (ipod, iphone, ipad or mp3 player). You will also find a RCA – RCA cable which you can use to connect the transmitter to a dj deck.

All of this comes in a single case so you’ll always have exactly what you need to run your next silent event.

How to put everything together:

Connecting everything is extremely easy. Our staff will explain how to set up our Silent Sound System when you arrive and you’ll also be provided with an instruction sheet to take with you.

Once everything is set up all you need to do is press play on your music playing device and the transmitter will automatically transmit the music to the headphones.

Then you just turn the headset on, using the switch on the headset and adjust your volume on the side.

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