Learn how ‘silence’ is shaking things up in WA schools

Add a new twist to your next annual school event, ball or graduation party.

A silent disco is a great way to engage and connect students in a fun and unique way.

As a teacher at a local high school it’s important to us to integrate variety to spark our students interests.

The silent disco equipment enabled everyone to choose what song they liked to listen to by switching channels. This made it possible to cater to distinctively different musical tastes and age groups and meant that our students constantly engaged with one another and the music.

Each channel lights up in a different colour which allowed everyone to see what channel or song their friends were dancing to.

The silent disco was a great way to improve our community spirit and transformed our venue into a visual spectacle with additional lights, lasers and smoke machines.

We decided to let our kids to be in control of the music and hosted a Dj battle. This was an absolute hit and encouraged our students to show off their skills! We simply plugged in the transmitters into the Dj decks and let the battle begin.

The best thing about a silent disco is that parents and teachers can still have a normal conversation and enjoy themselves as there is no loud music that could interfere. It was great!

Indoors or Outdoors – you choose!

The system can be used indoors as well as outdoors making it easier to plan for your next event.

For us, this meant we were able to hold the silent disco on the oval along with our activities instead of separating it into a closed room inside. The transmitters have a reach of up to 500 metres which allowed us to set up the equipment away from the busy areas to avoid any damages.

In the end even the teachers joined the dance floor. Everyone had the best time and we will certainly have another silent disco soon.


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