Learn how a pair of headsets will enhance your movie experience x10

Jump on board with the latest silent movie craze! Be it your backyard for a private screening or an outdoor movie venue. A silent movie experience is one you’ll remember, I promise.

You know how everyone loves to get popcorn and other treats at the movies? I know I do, with no exceptions. The constant rustling of packaging and sharing those munchies as well as whispers during the movie can be a serious distraction though…

Our recent visit to the silent movies proved you can have the best of both worlds!

We were given noise cancelling headsets that are connected to the audio source of the movie. As soon as we put on the headsets it was like diving into a different world. I couldn’t even hear myself trying to ‘quietly’ open my snakes and malteasers.

The headsets completely eliminate any background noise in the room, or in our case, outdoors. Even the cars that drove past on a street close by were completely blocked out.

It allowed us to entirely focus on the screening and create our own Island of tranquility.

The volume regulator on the side of the headsets enabled us to adjust the volume for our little ones so they didn’t get a fright during the louder scenes.

I can see this set up working well for hosting private outdoor screening at a birthday or wedding to share memories and speeches outdoors, without having to share this the whole neighbourhood.

We had a closer look at the set up and it’s seems super easy to connect! All you need to do is plug in your audio device to one of the transmitters and everyone will be able to listen to what is played on the screen. It certainly creates a much more intimate atmosphere!

Silent Movies are for the whole family

You could even show several different movies on separate screens all within one room. We were thinking to do this next time we have friends around so us adults can enjoy the movie we like and the little ones can put on a Disney movie. This will allow us to monitor the kids but don’t have to compromise our movie choice.

If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to organise a silent movie night! Trust me, you won’t want to watch a movie any other way.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can host your own silent movie, head to our website or email us.

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