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6 Facts How Music Improves Your Life

Fact #1 With Music – You Learn Better

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Music can improve and boost our learning capabilities. It helps us stay focused which leads to being able to retain more information than usual. Listening to music motivates and therefore helps to perform tasks more efficiently.

Fact #2  Music Powers Ups Your Workout

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Music improves your efficiency when you hit the gym. Music distracts the mind, diverting from fatigue and exertion and makes your workout pleasurable. Music helps to cheer up your mood and makes you think about yourself. It helps to escape negative thoughts and therefore powers up your workout.

Facts #3 Regular Music Listening Could Alter the Mind

Brain Made Out Of Musical Notes

Our brains have the wonderful ability to alter its size and conditions . According to a study, it is concluded that the volume of the cortex (grey matter) is highest in professional musicians, intermediate in armature musicians and low in non-musicians.

Fact #4 Your Favourite Song List Linked to Emotional Mood

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There is a reason why we all have a top favourite song list. Not because of the lyrics, beats or the artist you like the most. Your favourite song list is your go to playlist because it associates an emotional event or memory related to the song.

Facts #5 Music changes your heartbeat

Heartbeat Changes Along with the Musical Notes

Researchers found a very amazing fact about music that; heartbeat mimics the musical beats. Our heartbeat, blood pressure and respiration synchronize with musical beats and tempo. It could trigger the heartbeat, blood pressure and nerve contraction and relaxation along with it.

In short, we can conclude that our whole body reacts to the music to the greater level. Whether it is about the physical or psychological; the music does have a great effect on you.

Fact #6 Music Therapy

Eldery Woman Playing The Drums

Music activates every part of your brain and is therefore the best exercise. It’s been used to treat a variety of neurological conditions and has proven to be extremely helpful.

Music helps patients recall personal memories, fight depression and anxiety.


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