5 reasons why a silent disco is the solution to all your party problems

From noise pollution, to upset neighbours and clashing musical tastes. We have the perfect solution for you and explain how a silent disco will let you have a stress and worry free event.

  1. No Noise Pollution
    Let’s say you’re planning a birthday party at home or hired a venue, there is nothing worse than having your neighbours come around or the cops telling you to turn off the music. The beauty of a silent disco is there won’t be any noise so your neighbours stay happy and the cops away!
  2. No Time Restrains
    Due to noise complaints and sound curfews a lot of events and parties have to end at a certain time. With a silent disco system you can keep on partying into the early morning hours.
  3. Music Choice
    Imagine this…You’re hosting an event or party with guests ranging from 8-65 years with a variety of musical tastes. The younger ones want to listen to Miley Cyrus or Amy Shark whereas the parents may prefer a bit of David Bowie. It’s hard to please everyone. You can however, use a silent disco where you can cover 3x different music genres with a high chance of appealing to the majority of your guests. Everyone can switch between channels choose the songs they’d like to listen to.
  4. Location
    The biggest advantage of a silent disco is that it can take place anywhere you like. There is no noise pollution as no music is coming through a speaker system. AudioVault Events have held silent discos outdoors, at festivals, pubs, bars, house parties, gyms and even a church!
  5. No more shouting
    Need a break from the music? People often think that Silent Discos are unsociable which is untrue, in fact they are the complete opposite. There’s no need to leave the room for a bit of peace and quiet or pleasant conversation. You can slide off one of the headphones and chat away to your friends & family. There’s no need to be shouting over the music any more because it’s all silent!

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One Response to “5 reasons why a silent disco is the solution to all your party problems”

  1. Val says:

    The noise pollution is such a big factor and the best solution really is a silent disco. No more curfews!

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